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Music advancement course


Basic music instruction

​ STG国際学院はこの傾向に積極的に対応し、2024年に専門の音楽教室を設立しました。この音楽教室の目標は、日本で音楽大学や研究生院の学位を追求する学生に対して、包括的なサポートを提供することです。専門的な音楽実践の指導に加えて、学院は研究計画などの升学指導にも力を入れ、学生が潜在能力を十分に発揮し、音楽分野で卓越した成果を追求できるようサポートしています。これらの努力を通じて、STG国際学院は日本で音楽学を追求する国際学生にとって理想的な場所となることを目指しています。

Japan is a country in Asia with numerous prestigious music universities. Over the years, Japan's music universities have nurtured many musicians who have gained worldwide acclaim. These musicians have achieved remarkable success on the international stage, setting outstanding examples for music education in Japan. Consequently, in recent years, an increasing number of international students have chosen to study in Japan, pursuing degrees from music universities and graduate schools.

In response to this trend, STG International Academy actively established a dedicated music classroom in 2024. The goal of this music classroom is to provide comprehensive support for students aspiring to pursue degrees from music universities and graduate schools in Japan. In addition to offering guidance in professional musical practices, the academy is committed to providing advice on research plans and other aspects of academic advancement. This ensures that students can fully unleash their potential and strive for excellence in the field of music. Through these efforts, STG International Academy aims to be an ideal destination for international students pursuing studies in music in Japan.

授業時間: 毎週1回

Class time:   Once a week

教  室: 校内音楽教室

Teaching room:  On-campus music classroom

授業容: 1.基礎課程指導



Class content: 1.Basic course guidance      

         2.Music expression guidance

         3.Interview guidance and essay guidance


Music education guidance teacher


唐 旭東

XuDong Tang

ダン  シュドン

イギリスUniversity College London
音楽教育専門 卒業

United Kingdom University College LondonMusic education major  Graduate

早稲田大学 教育・総合科学学術院 音楽教育学分野 修士課程 在学中

Waseda University, Faculty of Education and Comprehensive Sciences, Music Education, Master's Program  Currently studying




Graduated from UCL University in the UK, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in music education at Waseda University. Previously, he ran his own piano school and music studio in Shanghai, and worked hard to promote music education and the arts. I have a deep passion for music education and would like to contribute to developing musical talent through learning and practice.




早稲田大学で教育・総合科学学術院音楽教育学分野修士課程 在学中

Waseda University, Faculty of Education and Comprehensive Sciences, Music Education, Master's Program  Currently studying

2018~ 2022


2018~ 2022

Established XuDong Piano School in Shanghai, China


イギリスUniversity College London 卒業


Graduated from University College London, UK

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