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 STG国際学院は、2012年に設立されました。アジア教育グループ(ASIA EDUCATION GROUP)に加盟する5つの日本語学校の一つです。他の加盟校には西東京国際カレッジ、早稲田留学日本語教育センター、聖鳩国際カレッジ、横浜みらい日本語学校があります。

​ 本校は東京都江東区佐賀に位置しており、皇居、東京駅、日本橋などの日本の経済・政治の中心地や有名な観光地からわずか1.8キロの距離にあります。







STG International College was established in 2012 and is one of the five Japanese language schools that are part of the Asia Education Group. Other schools include Nishi-Tokyo International College, Waseda Study Abroad Japanese Education Center, Seiwa International College, and Yokohama Mirai Japanese Language School.

Located in Saga, Koto-ku, Tokyo, our institution is merely 1.8 kilometers away from key Japanese economic and political centers such as the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, and iconic tourist destinations like Nihonbashi.

Moreover, our college is situated adjacent to the Sumida River, Tokyo's largest river, renowned for hosting an annual summer fireworks festival. This location provides an ideal setting for immersing oneself in Japanese culture and traditions and fostering international exchanges.

Students have the opportunity to participate in various events and festivals held in the vicinity of the college. Additionally, the area boasts historical temples and shrines, art museums, shopping areas, offering ample opportunities to fully experience the charm of Japan.

At our institution, we provide Japanese language education, supporting the learning of foreign students and expatriates. Students refine their skills in Japanese language proficiency, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Emphasizing high educational standards and individual support, we offer a curriculum aimed at maximizing student outcomes. We support students' growth and progress in the environment cramming with the allure of Japan. Beyond Japanese language learning, we also offer opportunities to expand multicultural exchanges and broaden students' international perspectives.

STG International College serves as taking a step toward students' future success. Prioritizing students' growth and happiness, our institution is dedicated to provide a superb learning experience and a fulfilling life in Japan.

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